Captain America --  What a great film. I seem to be saying that phrase quite often after walking out of a Marvel movie. I'd have to admit that even Thor had a lot of upsides. Captain America: The First Avenger was a great addition to the Avengers saga and has everything you want in a superhero movie. From a likable and relate-able hero, to a strong and charming love interest, the film has plenty to offer any moviegoer...
    The film starts off in present day, but quickly jumps back to the past where America is battling a Hitler driven Germany. This is where the film delivers originality. It's a pleasant and welcomed change to experience a superhero that is rooted in history. Steve Rogers is just an awkwardly skinny boy from Brooklyn, New York who has been constantly trying to enlist, but is hindered with a list of health problems. A courageous man though he may be, no one will give him a chance to prove himself. That’s the whole story. Nah I'm just kidding.

       Throw in some story elements, some laughs, and a super serum and you now have the new and improved Captain America! Who happens to start off as just a spokesperson for the military (he does get to take down Hitler 200 plus times though). These types of story elements are the ones I appreciate the most. We didn't receive a hero right after the super serum was given. It takes time to make a hero, it takes opportunity, and it also takes 400 plus military hostages who happen to include one of your best friends.

        I won't reveal anything else, for I fear I have already said too much. However, the film moves and flows flawlessly. You find yourself wanting the hero to succeed through the entire run time. Isn't that what you want in a super hero movie? I was deeply thrilled at the way that Captain America: The First Avenger was able to connect to other Marvel films, and I hope that when The Avengers comes out next summer, we all get to experience our beloved heroes the same way we saw them through the pages of our comics once again. I'm just going to have to take an eleven month coma to make sure I make it until then.

Written by: Jordan
Photo: Hollywood.com
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