It's not everyday that we get a movie that can tie in religion and still keep the atheists entertained. The Adjustment Bureau does just that. For what it's worth, the film excludes any type of common religion monikers such as "God" and "angels," which is obviously a good thing. The problem with this movie is that it never took itself seriously enough. It almost lacked an identity...
The entire movie seemed like the director was experimenting with the camera which contradicted the potential seriousness of the subject matter. The film never decided for the audience whether it should be taken seriously or not. In the end, this took away from a well written script and a couple of well rounded performances.

Matt Damon puts in a great effort as a politician running for senator who happens to have many hidden personal struggles. His performance might not be Oscar worthy but he brings out a character that you can relate to and that you eventually start to care for. Emily Blunt steals the show as the supporting actress. She's a strong woman who keeps a hard shell to protect herself while living only for her dancing career. If you're thinking that this sounds more like a romantic movie opposed to the thriller that the previews showed, it's cause it is.

The Adjustment Bureau is a romance film but it's only wearing the mask of a thriller. The story, and what you find yourself interested in, is the success of the couple making it together in the end. The trials, and the time and the effort that they need to put in to make their love work is what the movie mainly focuses on. The addition of a bureau trying to change fate is just a side story.  I'll let you find out what really occurs.

    A must see film? I don't think it's fair to label it that. While I am not sorry that I watched it, the movie doesn't make your brain remember it above all the other great films out there. There are better. That's how I would label this film. The choice of viewing I'll leave up to you.

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