Surprised is the only word that comes to mind when talking about Rango. The movie can't be deemed a kid's animated movie. The content is too graphic, and the jokes are more crude than one would expect. On the other side, the story doesn't take itself seriously enough to make it an adult western. A dilemma that somehow doesn't affect this critic's view too much...
     Rango (voiced by Johnny Depp) is a lizard that finds himself in the old west after spending most of his life behind a glass tank. He travels to the epitome of a western town and realizes he can be anyone he wants. That includes an outlaw that fights for good. If you haven't guessed yet, problems arise. The story moves very well and the action scenes are actually more enticing than one would think could come from an animated movie.

    The issue \ with said action scenes is that I feel like I've seen almost all of them before. Whether it was my imagination or if they already exist in movies, but the director seemed to take inspiration from every big action scene he could. The story feels the same way unfortunately. It's on a much smaller scale but this story has been told before. That doesn't mean I wasn't entertained however.

    I did enjoy the voice acting of Johnny Depp and company.  The movie did a fantastic job at keeping it as close to a real western as you can and the movie is beautiful. From the gorgeous landscapes, to the imaginative settings, and to the greatly detailed (yet ugly) characters, one can tell that Nickelodeon and Paramount spared no expense on this flick. If you ask me, you should go see it. Just make sure to rent it. No one NEEDS to own Rango except for maybe the die-hard, I need to date, marry and have Depp's babies type of people. And we don't talk about them.

Written By: Jordan
12/31/2011 1:23am

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