What makes a summer blockbuster? That's the question that Michael Bay's recent installment of the Transformers series (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) leaves you asking. While a professional critic might just tell you that lack of plot and the subpar performance of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley put this 200 million dollar movie below the must see line; I beg to differ. Actually, I forcefully disagree...

    From day one, I have gone in to any Transformers movie with the mind set of, "explosions, hot girls, and some intense battling of intergalactic robots." Was I ever  disappointed? I think not. The visuals are stunning (as expected) and the story is thought out enough to leave you having fun for the full two and a half hour run time. Add on a likable character, Sam Witwicky, played by the ever growing Shia Lebeouf and we got the best movie of the trilogy.

   The flick starts off with the race to the moon being an actual cover up to another human-alien conspiracy (of course you're having deja vu). This leads to the finding of a new alien technology that could lead to the destruction of our world if it falls in the wrong hands. Good thing it does because otherwise there would be no movie. With a stream of new robots and a whole new enemy, the audience (or us as I like to refer to well...us) gets to enjoy seeing what new ways each robot can kill each other. Add in plenty of fantastically shot action scenes and you might just leave the theater with the word "awesome" on your brain.

   Megan Fox leaves the series after a dispute with Bay and possibly Steven Spielberg, much to the dismay of the male population. Bay chooses to compensate for the lack of eye candy by replacing it with more. Huntington-Whiteley comes from modeling so naturally she'll make a great actress. At least that's Bays theory. For the part though, Whiteley does a fine job and does her best to provide every young man with some type of bodily experience.

  So let's review, is this movie worth the 6-15 bucks (depending on your 3D preference)? Absolutely. Go enjoy a night out with action, a bit of comedy, and one hell of a ride. If you're looking for the next Oscar winning summer flick, I suggest waiting for the new Smurf movie that's up and coming.

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