To the dedicated New England Patriots fans of the world, I present you with 20 questions to stew over for the next week.

1. Will Offensive Guard James Lee be having nightmares of Andre Carter for the next month?

2. Will QB Josh Freeman be having nightmares of the entire Patriots defensive line all season?

3. Will the defense of the Patriots only improve after the additions of Shaun Ellis and Albert Haynesworth?

4. Did Chad Ochocinco look out of place at all?

5. Can we expect the same type of balance from the Patriots offense all year?


6. Will the defense keep up the pressure on all the NFL QBs?

7. If they do, can we expect a memorable season?

8. Stevan Ridley, will you please keep doing what you're doing?

9. Is kicking off from the 35 yard line the dumbest rule the NFL has ever made?

10. With the showing that Tom Brady put up, can we expect the same production as last year?


11. Will the tandem of BenJarvis Green-Ellis, Danny Woodhead, and Stevan Ridley scare as many NFL teams as they should?

12. Can the preseason try outs be this clear of a picture already?

13. Where was my boy Taylor Price?

14. Couldn't we have just thrown a white flag out for the Bucaneers after the first half? Did anyone really care about the other half?

15. Stephen Gostowkski, welcome back...?

16. Are the Buccaneers good at making man piles or what?

17. How does the Jets taking control of the division look now?

18. Is Tom Brady already heading towards another MVP title for this year?

19. Is anyone anticipating the Patriots vs. Giants (Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning) as much as I am?

20. Will the Lions put up a better fight next week?

Written By: Jordan

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