The idea of a "Dream Team" in any athletic genre is thrilling. We as fans love to see a team that is destined to win, but there's a fine line between being respected competitors and being bullies. We also happen to love to hate the overpowered teams. And nothing can give us more happiness than to see a juggernaut team fall...
The perfect example of this would be when "The Decision" took place with Lebron James deciding to go to the Miami Heat to join Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors and Dwayne Wade. James not only destroyed the hopes and dreams of a city (Cleveland) which has had very little reason to celebrate in the sports world, but he also became public enemy number one in the process. Wade had already won a championship and has been the face of the Heat for years. Bosh was on a team that couldn't and pretty much wouldn't, surround him with talent that could bring in a championship. James just didn't have an excuse.

He's arguably the most gifted athlete in the NBA right now. He was given the talent that could have brought Cleveland the celebration and championship they have so desperately been yearning for. And worst of all, he even promised an NBA banner to those desperate fans. Instead, he took a cowards way out. He indirectly stated that he was not good enough to win anything without the help of two superstars all within their prime years. MVP awards don't mean much when you're not the one popping champagne at the end of the playoffs. So when the Miami Heat failed to deliver anything but a prolonged season last year, this particular writer loved every minute. Thank you, Dallas Mavericks.


The next team with heaven-like expectations is now the Philadelphia Eagles. Their off-season acquisitions bordered on the impossible and dabbled in ridiculousness. To sum up the big new additions: Nnamdi Asomugha who was easily the best free agent available this year, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie a cornerback easily in the top ten in the NFL, Vince Young a Titans rejected quarterback that could still be a starter if not for his horrific work eithic, Ronnie Brown, a great running back who is a bigger back than LeSean McCoy but could offer a dynamic duo beaten by few,  and Jasin Babin and Cullen Jenkins who will solidify an already respectable front line. Add on pro bowlers like Michael Vick (last years second best quarterback), Asante Samuel, DeSean Jackson, and Jason Avant and what do you get? A team that "should" win the NFC and will be a heavy favorite to win the Superbowl.

    Will the Eagles be able to do what the Heat could not? Time will tell. Until then however, I will enjoy any team that can put this Eagle team in its place. Respect is something that should be earned, not bought. So, lets see this "Dream Team" earn theirs.

Written By: Jordan

Sources: Huffington Post

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