Samsung seems to be working on flexible AMOLED displays. Now, if that doesn't sound sexy, then I don't know what does... that's a lie, but still, it sounds sexy. 
Samsung already has a 4.5" prototype that is being tested. Possible uses for it? Kat Hannaford of Gizmodo mentioned the chance that it could be some sort of wearable wrist phone or device. That definitely seems in the realm of possibility. Personally, I could see this on a coffee mug as either a phone or some other iPod Touch-esque device, or maybe just a more boring cylindrical/coffee mug slideshow viewer. In any case, a snap-on wristband (remember those?) device would be sweet. Maybe it'll be even simpler than that, a phone that's flexible, which would make breaking it a little more difficult... or would it? Hmmm???

Source and Image: Gizmodo

Written By: Andy G.

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