Google Voice has gotten a small face lift. Instead of chat bubbles for text messages (below), the site now sports a flatter, smoother chat box (above). The chat bubble is removed and the chat text is now flush with the contact info, and the whole box is the gray the bubbles used to be, if the text is “old”. A new/newer text appears with a white box. A subtle color change, but noticeable none the less. 

The way the left side bar is handled is similar to the new Gmail theme, "Preview". Whichever category you are in is highlighted. Quite a subtle change overall actually, but I like it. I must admit though, I’m not a big fan of the yellow color the box changes when you select it via the check box near the contact picture. It seems that Google is trying to roll out similar feel across all their web apps. Looks good so far.

Written by: Andy G.
Picture: CNET