I wrote an article a while back that was actually titled "Is Twitter in Trouble?". You should probably check it out if you already haven't, but regardless I will give you the gist. The article was about how Twitter was already lurking in the shadow of Facebook, and with all the hype Google+ was getting Twitter was pretty much being left out of the picture as a major social media competitor by most media outlets. Everyone pit Facebook against Google+ and vice versa, but the vast majority left Twitter out of the equation all together. Well yours truly now thinks there may be a change in the tide, read on to see why.

_iPods have become extremely popular, and according to Apple's press conference earlier today, they are absolutely dominating the mobile music market, which most of us already knew. iTunes is still the industry leader in digital music. The cloud is becoming more and more important in computing and music. Apple knows this, and is trying to take advantage, but there is still more they can do to truly crush the opposition.

As usual, there is plenty of hype about the next generation iPhone from Apple. Whether it’s named the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 is yet to be officially announced. Plenty of rumors have been circulating about the newest iPhone, and with the unveiling and launch likely less than a month or so away everyone is wondering what rumors will become reality in the actual phone.