I wrote an article a while back that was actually titled "Is Twitter in Trouble?". You should probably check it out if you already haven't, but regardless I will give you the gist. The article was about how Twitter was already lurking in the shadow of Facebook, and with all the hype Google+ was getting Twitter was pretty much being left out of the picture as a major social media competitor by most media outlets. Everyone pit Facebook against Google+ and vice versa, but the vast majority left Twitter out of the equation all together. Well yours truly now thinks there may be a change in the tide, read on to see why.

Google+ and Facebook. Currently, these seem to be the two social networks everyone is talking about. Has Facebook truly become the immovable wall many people believe it to be? Or will Google+ make a David and Goliath story out of the social networking industry? These seem to be the questions that everyone is asking. A lot of people, myself included, have one major example of why taking down a giant is not impossible.

MySpace. MySpace was the original king of the social networking world, but it fell to Facebook without much of a fight. So even MySpace has been mentioned in these conversations. However, there’s something missing, and that something is Twitter...