Google+ and Facebook. Currently, these seem to be the two social networks everyone is talking about. Has Facebook truly become the immovable wall many people believe it to be? Or will Google+ make a David and Goliath story out of the social networking industry? These seem to be the questions that everyone is asking. A lot of people, myself included, have one major example of why taking down a giant is not impossible.

MySpace. MySpace was the original king of the social networking world, but it fell to Facebook without much of a fight. So even MySpace has been mentioned in these conversations. However, there’s something missing, and that something is Twitter...
Facebook has always been bigger than Twitter, but Google+ has just come on the scene and is already outclassing Twitter. “How?” You might ask. The answer is simple,  Twitter isn’t even in the talks of who will be the social giant in years to come. Twitter is a lightweight being overshadowed by its heavyweight counterparts, the King and the Contender.

I didn’t even think about what would happen with Twitter until I read an article today on MacWorld. The article basically discusses the reasons why Twitter is quickly becoming obsolete thanks to Google+. Most of the things that make Twitter attractive are being made available by Google+, and in a much more attractive interface. Lists are Circles, Circles are sexier, and we all know that sex sells. Also with Circles, Google+ allows privacy that you can't get with Twitter. Although Twitter does have anonymity because you don't have to use your real name so I suppose that is just as good. 

     Like Twitter, with Google+, you have the ability to follow people without their permission, and people can follow you without you having to follow them. This is the symbiotic relationship that helped make Twitter so popular. It didn't have the forced fake two way "friendships" that so often occur with Facebook. The article also goes on to mention that sharing is a thousand times easier on Google+. Videos and pictures are displayed in the same manner that they are on Facebook, which means that you are not just given a link, but rather, you can see a preview of what you are or are not about to click on.

     Essentially with Google+ in the picture, Twitter is in big trouble. Twitter has never really been a true contender to Facebook, which allowed them to happily coexist. Google has other plans. Everyone sees the search giant's ultimate target as Facebook, which it probably is, but living in a smaller house next door is Twitter. Google is here to make waves, and it seems like Twitter is going to wash away much sooner than its big neighbor.

Written by: Andy G.
Source: MacWorld
Photo: OnlineSocialMedia.net

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