So I had a nice laugh this afternoon when I read that Lenovo thinks that the iPad’s dominance will not last. While that may or may not be true, even after 5 years, there hasn't been anyone who can take market share away from the iPhone, so I don't see how anyone is going to take down the iPad anytime soon. So what is this great company that's going to finally take down the iPad?

Why none other than... Lenovo! Basically their argument is that Apple's main focus is the mobile phone market while Lenovo is more focused on the PC market. One thing that Lenovo hasn't noticed is that the PC market is dying. Lenovo is saying that they want to target the mid to low end tablet range. This is good and all, but what have we learned about companies that try to compete with the iPad? They can't even make a nice enough product in the first place, never mind make one cheaper than the iPad that isn't a complete piece of you know what. The nicest looking tablet other than the iPad that I have seen would have to be the galaxy tab, but other than that the rest are kind of crappy. I mean let's face it, the first iPad is still better than pretty much every tablet out there. Apple of course has some of the best engineers and a brilliant CEO (in reference to Steve Jobs). With apple releasing a new iPad every year, how is anyone going to keep up with their new devices? Never mind even keeping up with the first iPad. So far, the only way to even temporarily outsell the iPad is to basically go out of business. This is what we learned from the HP TouchPad, which is being sold for $99. So, a great company like HP is exiting the PC market, and Lenovo is ready to take over I guess.

So, if the first part of my argument isn't enough to explain why the iPad might be dominating for a little bit longer than Lenovo thinks, I believe the second part of my argument may put the nail in the coffin. iOS is the backbone of all Apple’s devices. It’s solid, fast, beautiful, smart, elegant, cutting edge, polished, and so much more. There is no company that makes an operating system for a mobile device that can touch iOS. Android is okay because of the different ways you can customize everything but every Android device I have used has had at least a few major glitches. It's so choppy and laggy. It's not smooth, and it runs different on the million different devices it’s on. If Lenovo can somehow make nice enough hardware to get people to buy their product, I believe it may take a few years for them to find an OS that can compete with iOS. In my opinion, Android is still unstable, and Google needs to find a way to make it run efficiently on every device. I don't see that happening. So, for Lenovo to really compete with Apple, they need to make great hardware along with great software, and that's not something they can do. To be honest, I'm willing to bet Lenovo will take the HP route within about 5 years. This sounds like an attack on Lenovo, and it is! Because I'm personally offended about what they wrote. I can't think of one great product that Lenovo has come out with that has done anything, and now they think their going to dethrone the king of tablets? Good luck with that, Lenovo.

Written by: Ryan
Picture: NotebookCheck.com

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