Okay, let's face it, most of the cell phone industry is still trying to play catch up to Apples' iPhone. Android is catching up quickly, with a new device coming out about, oh, every eight seconds or so. Some people will argue that it has caught up to iOS, but not this guy. 
     I haven't seen or heard of a mobile operating system with the "snappiness" and flawless operation of Apples’ iOS. While there is no refuting that Google has come on strong and quick, one could argue that the fragmentation of their operating system is Google’s fatal flaw. Spreading Android over  hundreds of different devices with specifications that vary greatly is presenting an environment for vastly different user experiences. Where there is only one version of the iPhone produced at a time Apple can offer their operating system to their users in a way that everyone's experience will be the same. While there have been rumors of a Google Android crackdown, any major changes have yet to be made.

     Now, to the point of my article. It's not just iOS that makes Apples products so successful, it's also the hardware. Apple has ported that great combination of software and hardware to their next version of the post-PC device, the iPad. iOS is what makes the iPad such a success. As far as other tablets on the market are concerned right now, they should just give up! The other tablets on the market are terrible. 

     I was at my local electronic retail giant recently, and got a chance to finally touch all these new tablets. Honestly, they all suck. To be fair, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a very nice piece of hardware, but Android is just so glitchy and ugly. It’s gross. Not to mention I had an annoying Samsung rep in my ear trying to convince me that this was, "so much better than the iPad because it plays flash". I didn't want to let her down by telling her that having flash is just a waste of battery and time because people know it runs horribly on mobile devices and the industry is moving away from it. Needless to say, Apple has a solid OS on beautiful devices and until someone can somehow create a device as nice as the iPhone or iPad, Apple will keep a solid market share.

Written by: Ryan
Sources: my brain! I tell it to make things, and it happens...

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