As noted in yesterday's Wall Street Journal article entitled "Sprint to Get Apple iPhone 5," Sprint Nextel Corp. come mid-October will begin selling Apple's new iPhone5. Although this deal could aid Sprint, the nation's third largest carrier, it could also backfire by giving AT&T the extra incentive needed to purchase T-Mobile...
Ultimately, this could be a make or break deal for Sprint who by entering the iPhone market increases the possibility of new customers, as well as risks losing customers who, though previously satisfied, do not enjoy the heavy traffic iPhones may establish. With this in mind, Sprint's customer service needs to be prepared for the potential overflow they may receive with iPhone5 glitches and/or dropped calls.

Like T-Mobile, Sprint is substantially behind Verizon and AT&T, which, unless the iPhone5 is extremely successful, makes Sprint a candidate for being sold. As I mentioned in a previous article, it would be in Google's best interest to purchase Sprint. Perhaps, by gearing Sprint for carrying the iPhone5, Apple will do what I suggested Google does and purchase Sprint. Apple could use some of its' colossal cash pile and purchase Sprint and beat Google to the punch. This would not only further Apple's monopoly, but also present the opportunity for establishing for the first time a reliable, fast network with a direct customer relationship. Perhaps this is too opportunistic? Either way, it would be nice from a consumer standpoint unless, of course, Apple decides to jack up their prices even more.

Written By: Jenna Elizabeth

Wall Street Journal

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