Cowards are the men who cannot live unless they destroy what others hold dear. It is despicable and disgusting. In this particular article you will find no factual base. It is simply a rant and an opinion of a man who considers himself a good citizen. And to the future killers of the world, please go f&?@ yourself...

    In the wake of the devastating attacks on Norway, I find myself contemplating how we ought to view these killers. The universal truths are that they are men of no honor. They are despicable pieces of skin and they deserve no place in this world. With that being said, isn't it a waste of resources, time and money to throw them in prison? I'm not here to touch on the death penalty laws. That brings up too many moral issues for this particular writer at the moment. But I believe, and I know at least some of you agree, that it's jut unfair for murderers to live while their victims are forced to miss out on their lives.

    For the other argument, it is quite pathetic when a killer takes lives and then his own. Not only does he or she avoid any punishment and consequences for his or her actions, but they also do it knowing that they are too cowardly to go out solo. Suicide is a decision of oneself. Why not just end it alone then? I'm not asking for reasons or explanations, but is there anything worse then taking someone else with you?

      I present these questions to you, the reader, because it's something that boggles my mind. A moral issue that opinions differ so much on. How do we weigh a victims life compared to a killers? Are the victims families of the horrendous bombing and shooting of Norway not deserving of justice? What is justice? Questions with no clear answer. But very few things in life are nowadays.

Written By: Jordan

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