Since 2006 there have been images sent back from an orbiter circling Mars that show water trenches that look a lot like fingers running through sand. These images could provide the first proof that there is running water on the planet Mars. Before this, only ice has been proven to be on Mars at both of its' poles. Since all known forms of life require water, this could lead to the finding of primitive life forms. Aliens as you humans like to call them...

    There are 20 possible sites that have been found for what could be running water. Though it is not a certain fact. McEwen, principal investigator for the orbiter's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, who also took the images, warned other scientists to not look into these findings too much. He was quoted in saying that the evidence is “circumstantial" and that we “lack direct confirmation of water.” This has done nothing to expel my interest.

    Richard Zurek of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said, “By comparison with Earth, it's hard to imagine they are formed by anything other than fluid seeping down slopes. The question is whether this is happening on Mars and, if so, why just in these particular places.” I’m sure that with future experiments and space missions we may have answer to these inquiries. There happens to be a rover being sent within the next year.

    While the rover will not be sent to the presumed water slopes, its' mission (if it chooses to accept it), is to explore the Gala Crater and hopefully dig up evidence to show if life ever existed on Mars. We could always  take a look for ourselves in the year 2030. According to NASA, it plans to have a spacecraft with the ability of bringing humans to the Red Planet by then. Space may have been the last frontier, but it's quite an unknown one. Wouldn’t you say?

Written By: Jordan
Source: Yahoo

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