After reading an article in the LA Times entitled "Lost Dr. Seuss Stories to be Published in September," I could not help but be bothered by the journalist's diction. The stories were not lost, they were just not published in a book. The stories were not discovered upon his death in 1991 (like that of the work of Emily Dickinson in 1886)  instead, "The Bippolo Seed" consists of stories published in Redbook during the early 1950s. Therefore, they are not lost; perhaps they could be regarded as forgotten or overlooked, but even that may be a stretch...

Either way, the September 27th release of the seven stories in "The Bippolo Seed" will surely be exciting for Dr. Seuss fans. The drawings published decades ago will be enlarged and more complete in Random House's new edition. According to Seussian Charles D. Cohen, these stories "mark a pivotal transitional point in the author's career" by captivating  "Dr. Seuss exactly when he was becoming Dr. Seuss." Realizing the significance of implementing an auditory experience for young children, "he started writing with the rhythm and rhyme for which he's now known, and it tickles me to see the way that style and his expertise develop in this story collection, and to know that others will now be able to appreciate and enjoy it, too."

So, keep an eye out come late September to observe Theodor Seuss Geisel's transition into Dr. Seuss yourself!

Written By: Jenna Elizabeth

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