In what is already becoming a running joke in the sporting world, Eli Manning has proclaimed to be in the same class as Tom Brady. You said what!? I'm not one to completely insult Eli Manning, he has been a respectable quarterback and has lived up to the Manning name and then some -- You know I'm joking right?...

I'd like to point out that this is the same Manning who posted a career high 25 interceptions to Brady's 4 last season. The same Manning who has one superbowl ring to Brady's three. And don't give me that, Manning's ring came from a  victory over Brady; one victory does not determine overall skill. I'm pretty sure the 14-2 Patriots got handled by the Cleveland Browns last year. Would you say the Browns are better than the Patriots? Only if you're an idiot.

Although Manning was able to put pretty impressive numbers up last season: 4,002 yards and 31 touchdowns, that does not mean he can hold a candle to Tom Brady. Hell, I bet he couldn't even hold Brady's sweat towel if he asked. For Manning to be in Brady's class of elite quarterbacks, I'd suggest that he first becomes the best in his long line of family football players. Does anyone see that happening?


The story goes that Manning told ESPN in a radio interview that he believes he's in the same class as Brady, considered by some to be the NFL's standard in signal-calling. "I consider myself in that class," Manning said. Are you laughing yet? If Manning is willing to believe that, I bet he's willing to believe that vampires sparkle in the sun.

When asked about his comments in an interview on WFAN 660, “It was kind of like, what am I suppose to say? ‘No, I don’t think so?’” the Giants quarterback said.

   YES!!!! Every player should be confident in their abilities, but every player needs to understand where their level of skill is. That's what makes players better. If Randy Moss said to himself, "I should work harder" instead of "I'm the best" more often, than he may have broken every receiving record and not retired due to lack of interest.

    A tip for you Eli, can I call you Eli?...The next time an interviewer asks you about that comment (which should be very soon), say the following: "I don't necessarily believe I'm in that class...yet. But that's the place I want to be, and I will work my ass off to get there." This simple phrase would have garnered respect, humility and you wouldn't have been laughed at by millions of people. Until then however, feel free to throw some more interceptions, you know you want to.

Written By: Jordan

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