Dispensing almost 4,500 loaves of bread in July, French baker Jean-Louis Hecht's baguette vending machine strives to become the "bakery of tomorrow." This 24-hour baguette dispenser partially bakes precooked loaves for 90p. After spending a decade of planning and designing, Hecht now has two machines in France: one in Paris and another in Hombourg-Haut. Hecht's inspiration stems from customer demand; Essentially, Hecht's customers kept requesting baguettes when his shop was closed...
    Hecht sees a widespread of opportunity in Europe for his vending machine and firmly believes that "if other bakers don’t want to enter the niche, they’re going to get decimated.”

    Although, Hecht's vending machine may be successful internationally, I am not so certain that the idea will reap the same benefits in America. American germ-conscious notions may not be as welcoming to a loaf of bread that comes served unwrapped in a metal machine susceptible to thousands upon thousands of unwashed hands. Not to mention, the demand for fresh loaves is collectively less than in European countries.

    However, it certainly seems to be relatively successful in France; I look forward to observing the progress as time passes. Although, I cannot see this item marketing well in America, its success possesses the potential to inspire other vending machine advances that would cater to American demands; After all, Americans tend to love instant gratification.

Written By: Jenna Elizabeth


10/14/2013 06:05:37 am

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