Want a new desktop PC? Want a 3D HDTV? Want the sexy, somewhat overpriced, quality that Sony has come to offer? Well here it is. 
The newest VAIO L. It packs a 24-inch 3D multitouch (damnnn) display, touch controls in the bezel, Blu-ray player, USB 3.0, and of course, full HD playback. Oh ya, and an HDMI port to ensure your other gadgets aren't missing out on the fun. However, you're going to have to wait at least a few more weeks for this Bad Larry because it's not available until July 13th. At $1,420 it'll cost you a pretty penny (Apple is overpriced?), but considering what Sony has crammed into this thing I'd say it's worth it. What I see as the downfall, this apparently is not glasses free 3D HD, which in my opinion is the true viewing technology of the future, but then again, Sony has brought it here now.

Check the source link for the full press release.

Written by: Andy G.
Source: Engadget
Image: Sony

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