Imagine your full electric vehicle running on some black crude fluid, or black blood. Your beautiful, elegant, environment friendly cruiser running on a crude black substance. Sounds familiar right? Sounds like something that, oooh, you tried to move away from by going all electric? Well, MIT says otherwise.
     They've developed a technology that could allow your all electric vehicle to charge just as fast as you would fill a tank of gas on your old guzzler. What is it? They call it Cambridge Crude, and apparently it's the first "semi-solid flow cell" that can hold useful amounts of energy. This black fluid is particles packed in a liquid electrolyte packed creating a dense source of energy. A filter can be used to separate the particles, which can then be pumped through a system, hence, the "gas-pump" similarities. When will this technology be available? Who knows, but it could be the big boost that electric vehicles need to really take off. I know I would love one. It would save me a ton on gas, which I would love, but electric cars the way they are now just don't provide the range I need at this point. If this Fonzie hair gel makes its way into the market, and maybe I'll reconsider, along with a lot of other money conscious consumers.

Source: Engadget
Image: MIT

Written by: Andy G.

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